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2. Troubleshooting DTCs P0135, P0141, P0155, P0161 is not hard and in this tutorial, we'll look at some of the basics you need to know and what tests you need (to solve the oxygen sensor problem these diagnostic trouble codes indicate). Each one of these diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) ( P0135, P0141, P0155, P0161) indicate a problem with the.

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About P0135 Gmc . Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0327 stands for "Knock Sensor 1 Circuit Low Input (Bank 1 or Single Sensor).". It is triggered when the powertrain control module (PCM) detects very low voltage readings from your vehicle's primary knock sensor circuit. Take note that the voltage value may vary depending on your vehicle's. Labor: 1.0. The cost to diagnose the P0161 MAZDA code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour.

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P0171 and P0174 Codes - Don't change an Oxygen Sensor Before Reading This. So your car's CEL (always check Engine Light) is on and also you had the codes scanned at a local parts shop. (Or maybe used your own OBD scanner to extract the car faults). Your car or truck has either a P0171, P0174 lean fault code or both stored in the pc, these.

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The O2 sensor in GMC Canyon monitors the level of oxygen in the engine's exhaust gases and reports the data to the control unit that continuously adjusts the air to fuel ratio in the engine to achieve maximum efficiency. ... P0161 = 02 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 2) P0162 = 02 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 3.

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Research the 1996 GMC Sierra 1500 at cars What P0135 really means P0135, P0155 -Upstream O2 Sensor Test (1999-2002 GM 4 Procedures > DTC P0135, P0141, Or P0155 DTC P0135, P0141, Or P0155 DTC P0135.

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Enter the 5 character trouble codes in the search box and submit the search. 3. Don’t assume a particular OBD-II code means the same for other auto manufacturers as there are many makes specific codes in use. 4. If your OBD-II trouble codes are for a different car, select that vehicle series before searching for the diagnostic codes because.

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Had these two codes come up about two weeks ago after a 5 hour road trip. 01 sierra with 5.3 2wd. 80000 miles, had these two codes come up, cleared them with a scan tool, came back within 10 miles, replaced both sensors with brand new bosch sensors. Cleared the codes with reader. Codes were.

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It the ECM determines (based on coolant temp) that too much time elapsed before the oxygen sensor began operating properly, it will set P0141. Note: Typically a failed catalytic converter does not cause this code. You're more likely to see a P0420 code for a failed converter.

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GMC DTC P0161 Make: GMC Code: P0161 Definition: HO2S Heater Performance Bank 2 Sensor 2 Description: P0135, P0141, P0155, or P0161 DTCs P0116, P0117, P0118, or P0128 are not set. The ignition 1 voltage is between 10-32 volts. The HO2S is at operating temperature. The HO2S is commanded ON.

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I'll start off with the basic info: 2004 Suburban LT, 4x4, 5.3, 179,000 miles. We took a recent 3,000 mile road trip from Denver to the Gulf coast of Texas (Corpus Christi.) For the 1100 miles down and the 1100 miles back, we were pulling a 3500lb travel trailer (R.

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P0161. Definition: HO2S Heater Performance Bank 2 Sensor 2. Description: P0135, P0141, P0155, or P0161 DTCs P0116, P0117, P0118, or P0128 are not set. The ignition 1 voltage is between 10-32 volts. The HO2S is at operating temperature. The HO2S is commanded ON. The DTCs run once per drive cycle when the above conditions are met for 120 seconds.

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Search: P0135 Gmc. The faster the heated oxygen sensor reaches that temperature the faster the sensor will start sending an accurate signal to the Engine Control Module (ECM) Download technical documents for proper procedures, recommended GM repair stands, bracket kits and more for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles P0135 GMC Description The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) supplies a.

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